What I Offer


Vinesh ensures leadership and positive behaviour development through structured training, coaching and consulting interventions based on a strong set of values that he brings into his work.

One to one CXO / Executive Coaching​

Vinesh is known for his engaging and result oriented coaching for CEOs, Chairpersons, Board Members, Managing Directors and Business Owners. The results that he produces for his executive coaching clients include

  • Onboarding new leaders successfully
  • Enhancing leadership performance
  • Facilitating smooth communication among leaders
  • Leadership succession planning
  • Investor and stakeholder management
  • Visioning and value identification
  • Mentoring new leaders
  • Building a culture of performance
  • Exercising influence and gravitas

Leadership & Management Coaching

Leaders who’ve been coached by Vinesh swear by his style of effective one to one interaction and result orientation. Leaders and managers coached by him have gone one to stellar performance and leadership levels. The results that he produces for his executive coaching clients include

  • Developing and demonstrating leadership abilities
  • Positive behaviour development
  • Performance enhancement at work
  • Work life balance and happiness
  • Enhancing meaning in life and work
  • Developing authenticity and being yourself
  • Finding direction and career transition
  • Identifying strengths and values
  • Achieving specific work and life goals

Corporate Leadership Training

In his corporate leadership training programs, Vinesh shares insights he has gathered from years of work with leaders from across industry sectors and from his own research and experience in psychology. He is known for his high level of customization and use of participant relevant examples and anecdotes.

Vinesh’s workshops are filled with immersive activities and exercises, practice sessions, animated discussions and insights that lead to more than just a memorable experience. His experience in instructional design and course creation makes him preferred consultant for online workshops and seminars. Some of his popular corporate leadership training areas include

  • Advanced communication and negotiation
  • Influence and persuasion
  • Positive leadership development
  • Developing and demonstrating emotional intelligence
  • Self-awareness and personal leadership
  • Change leadership
  • Personal effectiveness and execution
  • Time and context management
  • Motivation and mental toughness
  • Developing and demonstrating executive presence
Corporate Leadership Training

Customized Workshops For Positive Behaviour Development

Irrespective of what you are trying to accomplish in life, it involves the development and demonstration of certain positive behaviours. These workshops or are about developing and demonstrating the right behaviours to achieve reh results you want in life. Vinesh customizes workshops to suit a specific organization or team and his popular workshops include

  • Targeted competency development
  • Understanding and developing specific positive behaviours
  • Behavioural assessment and psychometrics
  • Trainer and facilitator training and certification
  • Coach and mentor training and certification
  • Applied neuro linguistic programming
  • Neuro-semantics
  • Sport psychology for work and life
  • Positive psychology in action
Team Success

Organizational Development Consulting

This is a combination of one-on-one conversations, exploratory sessions, visioning exercises, controlled brainstorming activities and related interventions or workshops. They help organizations get the best out of their people and achieve business results. Some of the interventions that Vinesh has used to produce results for his clients include.

  • Visioning and goal setting
  • Aligning people potential with organizational goals
  • Understanding and using organizational dynamics
  • Positive organizational development
  • Competency creation and mapping
  • Leadership assessment and development
  • Interviewing and people assessment
  • Strength based leadership development
  • Setting up training, development and coaching teams


Being real, genuine and bringing about actual transformation. Vinesh’s work is about bringing about positive change and seeing actual results. The idea of becoming the kind of professional, leader or organization you want to be rather than faking it or looking like one.


Feeling Good

Feeling good is a great driver and motivator at all levels. Vinesh ensures that his personal and organizational development interventions revolve around positive feelings. There’s always a better way to lead, perform and produce results that feels good not just in the end but also during.



This is the ultimate pursuit for most people in the world. Vinesh’s training, coaching and consulting sessions aim the long term good of the individual and the organization. There’s no sense in performing well if people break down in the process. The idea is winning while your sanity is intact.



Knowing your strengths, shortcomings, preferences, calling or even purpose in life make you much more self-sufficient and focused. Vinesh respects that the need for self-awareness at the individual and organizational levels. His interventions ensure internal change rather than surface modifications.



An inspired individual, team or organization can do things that often surprise even them. Vinesh’s work kick start’s and sustains inspiration in participants, protégés and attendees. Even people who’ve worked closely with him in organizations have ended up becoming better performers.